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I can clearly imagine the scene you describe with Blue and the homestead Huns, you are fortunate to live there.  I did not have much experience dealing with wind until I moved to Kansas and started hunting Montana. I don’t know exactly what mph winds we find difficult since we usually did not have access to weather info while remote camping but I do know that when significant storms blow through that we would move the RV to safety behind some type of windblock.   As I read your telling about the sharpies I was remembering the many times that we would find Huns on the leeward side of the hills.  We typically found sharpies tucked in there as well but I agree that they like the look-out position on top of hills.  I believe they are pretty closely related to prairie chickens and they notoriously use elevation to look out.  Wind is a frequent issue in Kansas also and I find that my voice and lip-whistle do not carry well there at all.  So this year I have begun to train the dogs that the tone sound on their GPS collar means the same as my ‘come around’ command.  I am hunting woods grouse right now so it is not as important but I think that it will be helpful once I’m back in KS.  Do you use a whistle or collar tone or what?

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