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Hello Curtis,

Great question as there seems to be a lot of products out there. I have not used vests on our dogs but have hunted with two friends that did. Those neoprene vests are to be avoided. Seems obvious but it was not to the person I saw using one to protect a dog from abrasion. He had a light coated dog very vulnerable to any sort of skin damage from grass, brush etc. Neoprene is for keeping retrieving dogs warm, and not much else. The other hunting partner had a dog that got a nasty wound across a front leg. It remained forever vulnerable to re-injury as the scar tissue had no hair and remained rather tender and vulnerable. Ten years ago it was tough to find a vest product that had leg protection  too. What he found created a whole new set of abrasion issues for his dog from the vest, which to be frank seemed due to poor design.

I used to use the two inch wide reversible collars on my dogs. I hung a bell off of them and found the reddish orange side of the collar was nearly always enough color in the woods to see (find!) a dog on point. As a recent convert to beeper collars, that is not such a big deal. Lots of gun dog supply businesses carry those collars.


Looking forward to seeing what others offer, as my own experience as you can see if pretty limited.


JC @ Sugar Creek Setters

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