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Hi Katie.  That is quite a list of questions!  I suspect that folks don’t know quite where to start so have not yet responded.  I will say that a focus of breeders here at RS is health.  Not just OFA hips, although that is a good start, but an overall healthy dog that can fulfill its job as a life long hunting companion.   I would say that lines of ryman-types represented here at RS have a pretty decent track record for good overall health and the breeders that I have gotten to know here on RS try to keep it that way.  Of course there are individual dogs who suffer from any one of the zillion health issues such as cancer or diabetes that effect all breeds of dogs, but breeders openly talking to one another is an important way to make sure that these are not a trend or embedded pattern.  This is very important because, in my opinion, working bird dogs should be healthy and genetically rigorous.  They should not require special diets or be high maintenance.  So I think that breeders who actively and rigorously hunt their dogs will be more likely to have healthy dogs.

Tick disease is a hot topic for all ruffed grouse hunters.  How to protect dogs from ticks seems to be a personal choice but many people report success with the Seresto collars.   Vaccination schedules may vary but I get the sense that most breeders are aware of the literature reporting that yearly vaccinations are not necessary and may in fact have negative effects.   A quick internet search will pull up various suggested protocols which range from 3 -5 year intervals.  Discussions and choices of dog food can be as individual and debated as politics so I won’t go there, but I will say that recently I have been seeing quite a few articles suggesting that grain-free diets can have negative effects, you might want to check those out.  Again, my own experience has been that feeding any one of the many quality performance foods has been successful with my rymans, they are good eaters with none of the “sensitive skin and stomach” problems that seem to be an issue with some other breeds.  Welcome and thank you for sharing your questions and concerns with our group.

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