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    I read the Tufts article and others.  Years ago we tried feeding a lamb based diet and did not like the results so the taurine deficiency may have played a part in that.   I tested a lot of feed years ago and was aghast at how far off from the guaranteed analysis some cattle feeds were.  I guess I have trust issues with animal food companies so we mix together two good foods hoping that if one is not up to par in a particular lot hopefully the other makes up for it.  Sometimes availability was a problem too so switching temporarily to just one was not a problem.   It seems  basically impossible to get companies, who use rice as the main carb, to give you the average arsenic content of the dog food.  American grown rice is often high in arsenic which causes health issues.  Brown rice can be worse than white rice. I have asked and was told the company would be happy to send me the info on arsenic (As) but it never arrives.  I tested our previous foods but not my current two.  I plan to test the two we currently use in my next metals in food analysis.


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