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Hi Gary.  Although tail carriage and position can be modified a little through “styling”, tail set or position is a function of the skeletal and muscular build.  The ryman-type setter is bred to have level tail set and associated musculature because it results in a longer, smoother gait which enhances stamina and endurance which is desired by hunters who choose this type of setter.   So the short answer to your question is, no, you cannot stroke or train the tail of a ryman up to a 12 o’clock position and in fact, a 12 o’clock tail on this type of setter is considered undesirable by most ryman-type breeders/owners.   George Ryman, who was the originator of this type of setter, bred for dogs whose tails were set and carried either level with the back or a little above because that conformation lends itself to the smooth, efficient gait of an all-day hunting dog.  He did not follow the trends fancied by the field trial community, including the 12 o’clock, straight up tail nor the bouncy, short-strided gait.

This old photo is of a dog whom G. Ryman felt was the ideal for his breeding, the wording was his own:

I hope this was helpful in answering your question.



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