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Reply To: FDA Warning on Oral Flea and Tick Meds

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Katie O’Donnell

    Interesting.  I’ve always been conflicted about flea/tick treatment — I feel like it can’t possibly be harmless, but I also remember life before Frontline and Advantage and everything that followed.  Dealing with fleas was downright miserable for everyone, dogs and humans alike.  Now with the onslaught of tickborne diseases,  I feel like it’s a trade-off, a dose of something nasty to try and prevent something worse.

    I’ve used mostly Frontline as a topical in the past, but have been debating going to an oral formulation just for the convenience factor — I hate patting that greasy patch, and I like the idea of not having to coordinate dosing with swimming/bathing times.  This article makes me think otherwise…anyone one here have any preferences they’re willing to share?

    I like the results I’ve gotten with the Seresto collar, too.  Does anyone use that alone, or do you use it in addition to oral/topical?

    Took the pup on a quick trail walk earlier in the week when the temp went to 60…he walked through a nest of ticks.  First hike led to his first bath!  Got them all rinsed/brushed off before any could attach, but man, do they drive me crazy.



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