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Reply To: FDA Warning on Oral Flea and Tick Meds

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Jane Burrows

    I used Simparica for two months last year when ticks were particularly bad. Although my vet assured me that he had not seen any adverse reactions in his his practice, trying the product was a very difficult decision.  I live in tick country, where a variety of tick borne illnesses are common.  My older bench-bred English Setter contracted Lyme disease during the spring he ran in hunt tests.  He had been vaccinated for Lyme disease and treated regularly with Frontline.  It was not enough, and the lasting damage of the disease persists six years later even though he was treated as soon as the symptoms appeared.

    Because my three dogs are house dogs who are rarely kenneled, the Seresto collar is not a safe option.  I would worry about one of them getting the collar in his mouth during play. Six years ago many of the people at hunt tests said Frontline didn’t seem to be working in the Upper Midwest.  Their experience was based on both spring tests and fall hunting.

    I do not heartily endorse Simparica.  I’m simply saying that it worked for my dogs in a very challenging environment.

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