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Rum Creek Setters

    This spring around 5 different RGS chapters throughout the lower peninsula hosted “Challenge Trials” at various preserves.  Most had a Pointing Class and a Flushing Class.  Braces with 2 Hunters with one dog each have 20 minutes to hunt 3 birds, usually chuckars.  Each brace has 2 judges that walk with each brace and points are accumulated based and birds pointed/flushed, birds shot and retrieved.  Points are also given for the way the dogs cover the field and respond to handlers instructions.  Four places for each class are determined at the end of runs based on the judges observations in the field.  These 4 qualifiers from each location will meet in the fall, to compete again in the Gun Dog of the Year finals using the same format.  These are not highly competitive like BDC events, but are a chance to run dogs in hunting senarios that work to improve dogs hunting abilities and meet a lot of other dogs owners with common interests.  I have met a lot of great people and seen a lot of nice dogs at these events.  It’s also a great way to run the dogs on birds in the “quiet time” in the spring.  It also help support the various RGS chapters in the state.  The one thing that the dogs don’t like is that 20 minutes or less of running to hunt birds isn’t enough for them, they are always wanting more.

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