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    Sure, not sure where to start.   Started hunting in southern NB. Then in Miramichi area for 10 years then Woodstock for last 13.  I hunted over a lot of different breeds but had heart set on a setter.  We only have grouse and woodcock.  Our current dog is from a retired couple who needed to rehome him.  He is now 10 we have hunted 2 seasons, you can see him @dieselthedrooler on Instagram.  His first years he hunted in front of an atv.  They said 25km/hr all day long.  Most of our covers are old farms.

    With COVID our oldest is doing his university from home so that is better as the biggest adjustment has been that my wife and I work and diesel was never alone before.  Always another dog and retired owners.  We live on a dead end street with 2acre lot  Trained them both no pavement without a leash and neither bothered with the deer or neighbors.   We can  hunt by walking from lawn to woods.  Dog is expected to go almost everywhere except work, sleep in our bed and leave enough room for me on the couch.  The one time we left diesel overnight we payed someone to come stay with him.  I don’t have a garmin so he wears a bell and my old tritronics upland beeper so if I get lost I can turn it on remotely.  I like to watch him run but he finds and holds his birds I try to keep up.  I am sure my shooting disappoints him.  I guess usually close likely never more than 200 yards ahead. He just stops to see me coming then off again.  We don’t talk much while hunting.  Dogs are house pets that hunt as much as I can in the fall.

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