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Good morning Greg. The key thing to remember is that the Ryman-type setter is just that : a type. And there are multiple factors that need to combine to make a Ryman-type what it is. First is the hunting: Ryman-types are biddable, close to moderate in range, hunt for the gun, and strong natural ability means little formal training is needed to have a very pleasant and productive bird dog. Second is temperament: easy going, easy to train, calm around the house, affectionate. Third is the appearance: George Ryman bred for moderate size (45-60 lbs), modest easy care coat, athletic in build and muscle, and with a clean, classic setter head. Many of the bigger dogs that are found today are produced by the pet-type breeders who routinely produce 80 lb dogs. Those dogs often are the ones with the large, jowly head. The photo below was a page of a brochure from G Ryman to give you a sample of the appearance that he bred. You may also want to consider purchasing the book, “The Real Ryman Setter” which discusses the history of these dogs and includes many photos.  I hope this was helpful to you.

GR brochure

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