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Rum Creek Setters

    I also enjoy the feedback that I get from owners of puppies from my litters.  One in particular that I look forward to each is the hunting diary log that is one of the best that I have seen.  The impressive stat that I am impressed with is the number of bird contacts each fall. The first two years Morgan had over 300 wild bird contacts each year just hunting in the months of September and October.  The third year,2021, he had over 700 contacts all in northern Michigan.  Points and retrieves are also noted as well as number of birds shot at and kills.  Morgan is living an English Setter’s dream life in the uplands.  Nice that he is getting spoiled in that fashion.

    Feedback from other owners along with questions about their training and progress are also good to receive to help gauge their hunting abilities for many purposes, including info for future prospects.   Continuous improvement is the objective.

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