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    We always have to do a risk assessment before deciding on using preventatives.  When we travel north we always use them as we don’t want to bring back Lyme disease.  In the many years we have lived in MO we have only had two dogs contract ehrlichiosis so it is a toss up if it is worth the risk.  We burn our fields every year which does help reduce tick populations.  We can’t use Soresto collars as the dogs live as a group and at times have removed and chewed up collars from each other.   Brevecto is not metabolized by dogs and is eliminated in the feces.  Something to keep in mind when disposing of the feces.  We compost them and the pile is a favorite area for our chickens to search for earthworms.  We have had a dog develop a skin reaction to the monthly permethrin products.  I don’t know if Certifect works better than Frontline plus as it also has Amitraz.  Dogs are not supposed to swim for two days after application according to the website. Then there is the issue of the transfer of the topical products to us for more than a week if we touch the dog. I don’t know what the best choice is at this point.  Perhaps someone can suggest something that is a better choice.

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