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    I haven’t done it for a while, but every time I’ve looked at toxicity of the chemicals I’ve come to the conclusion that Fipronil (Frontline) is the least scary of the effective choices. None of them are benign.

    Complications following eating an Amitraz collar killed a dog owned by Joan Mizer, and we had one eat one of those while he was in his crate (by himself) during the drive home from WI one year. He survived but required hospitalization for a couple of days. Amitraz collars were like a miracle when they came out, but Frontline has been even better. We don’t use any collars now due to the risk of eating, and rely solely on Frontline.

    Foggy1- Off the top of my head I don’t know what percentage of Lyme positive dogs don’t show symptoms, but it’s a significant number. There is debate on what this means exactly, and whether these dogs really aren’t affected in any way.

    As Fran pointed out, you need to consider more than just Lyme. In addition to the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work that well, you can’t just vaccinate and then go hunting thinking the dog is protected from tick diseases. Tick control is the number one thing by far.

    FWIW, I think I get fewer ticks on myself because of applying Frontline to the dogs at the beginning of our grouse and woodcock hunt (I get some on my hands every time despite trying not to- probably should wear gloves). I know of people who live there who put in on themselves. Not advocating that however:-)


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