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    Hello, this is Carl in Denver, Colorado. We just got Blizzard, our first Ryman Setter pup, from Firelight Bird Dogs this summer. I have hunted with two Brittanys (one retired and one still active but getting older) all over the West and the prairie states for pheasant, bobwhite quail, gambel’s quail, chuckar, and prairie grouse, although pheasant and bobwhites are what I hunt most frequently. So I am excited to get started with the new little guy and maybe even expand my hunting by hitting the grouse woods from time to time. I was originally drawn to the Rymans from a desire to scale back the dogs’ working range in my typical hunt a bit and find a versatile pointing breed with good retrieving instincts. The classic looks and easy temperament certainly didn’t hurt either! My breed research was confirmed when I met up with the terrific Ryman community at the hunt & meet in Kansas in January, where I got to know the breed in much more detail. I am trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can about Rymans and the best way to train and work with them as we begin this new adventure.

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