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Phil Cloninger

    Thanks…JC, to keep up her conditioning, I take her on long fast walks on a retractable leash, in the evening at home, when it is cooler. We spend 2-3 weeks at the beach each summer, and she loves to hit the water to cool off… We go twice a day, early and late.

    She flash points doves and pigeons that are getting grit on the beach, and some shore birds. Since I am training her to be steady to wing and shot, I always let her hold point while I go up to flush the birds, and then I come back to release her. It may not be good to encourage the sight pointing, but I want to emphasize her being steady….and she still uses her nose a lot if she is in cover. If anyone has any input, let me know.

    We will start going to the mountains looking for grouse cover when it cools a bit and She will run on her own then. We should be able to get some training quail to work with in late Sept.

    While she retrieved her first bird to hand, she started finding them, picking them up, but not bringing them to hand. I am trying to work on that with her playing fetch with a tennis ball in the yard, to make returning to hand fun for her…..and at some point I have a couple frozen birds in the freezer that we can work with…..if you or anyone has any ideas, let me know….

    Hope you all are having a great summer. Phil.

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