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Walt Lesser

    Lisa and the Moderator have answered the question well.  I just want to add my 2-cents worth.  In general, grouse drumming counts give an “index” of population size from year to year and should not be interpreted as anything more.    Nesting and brood-rearing success determine the number of grouse available for harvest in the fall.  As a hunter, I am interested in brood reports, if such information is available.  As mentioned earlier, Weather conditions during the first two-weeks following peak of hatching, can be the major factor in chick survival.  From my own experience, state wildlife agencies are “under the gun” by having magazine editors and others wanting information on hunting outlooks, early enough for publication.  Drumming counts are one means of providing some kind of information for this purpose.  Brood counts, if collected at all, are not available for publication before the opening of hunting seasons.


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