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John Wagner

    Hello all,

    I am from Wisconsin, and I have been chasing grouse up north with dogs for about 20 years. I have had 2 Vizslas which I have loved dearly. (I hope you will excuse my non-setter avatar of my current girl!)

    It is now time for my next dog, and I have become interested in the Ryman-type setters. I currently live in Madison, but I make it to the northwoods as many weekends as possible between mid-September  to mid-November. I hunt to be in the woods walking and exploring with my four-legged hunting partner, to find a few birds, and to see how we handle them. I am completely happy with enough birds to keep things interesting, but I have no need for flush counters, and I couldn’t tell you how many birds I shot last year. But I could tell you a about a couple good points, and a great retrieve on a winged pheasant.

    I am looking for a dog that will love birds, want to be part of the partnership, have a strong point instinct, and be sweet and open with people and dogs.

    Thank you for this wonderful resource, I am looking forward to learning more about the breed!

    John Wagner

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