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John Wagner

    Great discussion!

    I started with a beeper just 3 years ago. It’s a stand-alone unit I can turn on/off remotely. It was for a well-seasoned dog, but I still was careful in introducing it. As with all my field training/hunting equipment, she was only exposed to the collar when she was going hunting or out in the field. I tend to do this so she knows it’s time to do her “job”  and this time is her favorite thing in the world. I started by carrying the collar and letting her know I had it, and during a run I turned it on. She did notice it, came and checked it out. Next time started with me carrying it turned on, then turned it off and put it on with her bell collar. Next, I didn’t turn it on and she wore it. Next time put a couple cotton balls in it and duct taped over it. Randomly turned it on in run mode while she was running, tried to turn it on when she was distracted and leave it on for a while. Took half the season before I had all the cotton out and the duct tape off.

    My experiences are similar to the posts above.  I think a beeper may have an advantage on not spooking birds.


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