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Thanks for sharing JC.

I was able to get Addie and Belle out for 3 days this week. Temps were a little cooler in the mornings, but very dry and still. Belle and Addie spent most of the time with their tongue’s hanging out. We had a few points but mostly wild flushes, flushing from trees or bumped birds.  Jersey had a handful of encounters with woodcock and grouse. At first she didn’t quite seem to know what she was doing out there other than have a fun run in the woods. Then she bumped a woodcock, then a grouse and quickly the lights started to come on and you could tell she was hunting. She had an unproductive point on a bird that had moved on, she followed the scent and got too close and the bird flushed, which really fired her up. The next day she bumped a few more woodcock and a grouse and seemed a bit more composed and thoughtful about things. I’m sure she will put it all together soon, especially as the scenting conditions get better. I truly love watching a youngster figure it out, no substitute for what wild birds can teach a dog in my experience.

Good hunting everyone, looking forward to reading about others adventures.

– Chuck

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