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Re: an old but interesting article

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October Setters

    Well, interesting in as much as it reiterates all the old misconceptions about what a “Ryman setter” was.  It demonstrates just how far off most people’s idea of a Ryman setter was, and in some cases still is.  John Taylor got so much wrong it’s hard to know where to begin – the entire history of the breed (show and field trials), dates, timelines, ownership of dogs, even that there never were “dual setters” as they are portrayed in the article.  You need look no further than the first photo in the article.  The caption reads “Sir Roger DeCoverly, the scion of the Ryman and DeCoverly English setter lines.”  There are two minor problems with that.  First George Ryman never bred to Sir Roger DeCoverly, the supposed fountainhead of the Ryman “line”.  Second, the dog in the photo is NOT Sir Roger DeCoverly. 


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