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Re: Fairmont, WV


    Hi Lisa and thank you.

    Presently I still have my Red-tail that I brought with me from Texas and it might be squirrels and rabbits again this season…maybe. I just walked in from trapping with my apprentice and we saw several nice passage Red-tails but only had one Coopers hawk come in to the trap. She, my apprentice, is getting quite anxious so I told her she could fly my bird this season if we didn’t find something for her soon and, I would work on a Red-shoulder from the rehab I volunteer with. What I’m looking toward is next season. I would like to get a female Gos to fly over a setter….or maybe a Field Bred Cocker, or both. From what I understand, it’s a big dream and Grouse and Woodcock are not as easy to come by as they once were in this area. Even harder to catch with a good game-hawk, or impossible as some might say.
    Most of the falconers that I’ve discussed this with were originally from this area but have moved out west and now hunt (a little falconry stereotype) the “Big White birds (Gyr) out of the Big White Trucks (name your preference) over Big White dogs (pointers)” <g>
    But you can tell that this is a dream they would have liked to realize.
    Maybe I will find it as difficult as they did, but hey, can you think of a better struggle and with better company!


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