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Re: Fairmont, WV


    “I have a feeling the local grouse and woodcock population is not in grave danger even if you do get a Gos”
    No doubt Lisa. And by the looks of all the deer, turkey, coyotes and the occasional fox that I have been seeing in our pastures….the Grouse have bigger issues to deal with….we are attempting to manage for them along with a few neighbors. One prominent DNR official is not a real fan of falconry and the only reason he could give was the pressure on the grouse population it might have. But I won’t mention his name….he is, was, a setter breeder, avid bird hunter and writes for some of the pointing dog journals. (guess that narrows it down :smiley: ) I do want to trap this rouge Gos that is decimating the grouse population. She would be the “bird of a lifetime”


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