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A Community Of Ryman-type Setter Enthusiasts


Re: Glad to be here


    Hello! My name is Tye Sonney and I am a grouse/wc hunter from Minnesota. I live just south of the Twin Cities and drive a few hours North most fall weekends to chase the king and little russet fellows. My wife, Peggy, step-daughter, Addison, and I have three Ryman Setters from Setter Hills. They are Haze, 9, Chip, 5, and Betty, 1.5. I have trained them myself and they all have found broods for me when I’ve volunteered as a bander for MN.

    Thank you all for starting this site. I was very happy to see a site dedicated to Rymans. I will post some pictures of our dogs later and will send some occasional updates throughout the season. I can’t wait to see some dogs from other Ryman lovers.

    Ryman Setters Forum