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Re: How Do You Introduce Guns?

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    Great story Lynn Dee,
    I am a firm believer in the perfect start- perfect finish dvd. In that dvd you will see him take a very timid setter and get her to be a great gundog. I think the most important thing I took from the dvd was how to read your dog, once those people saw a negative result with there pup, they needed to stop and get help. I have not started breeding yet, but when I do, I plan on having a pamphlet with every pup, telling people steps from when they bring the pup home, to intro to gun, birds, and collar. After reading your story, I will make sure to put in bold letters to contact me with any problems or questions. I love puppies and really enjoy getting them ready to be good bird dogs, they are like taking a young child bird hunting for the first time, both are happy and excited:) The main thing with puppies is to keep your training short and make sure they are having fun. Here I go rambling again:)

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