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Re: question on breeding and baer testing

The Ryman Setters Forum Forums Ryman-Type Setters question on breeding and baer testing Re: question on breeding and baer testing

October Setters

    I think it’s OK to sell unis at a discount (or give away) as long as they aren’t registered without being spayed/neutered. I would be cautious about placing one in a hunting home because of the risk they will get lost. A lot of unis compensate well enough that this is not an issue, but you can’t know on that until they are mature.

    As far as I am aware there is no hard data to support eliminating littermates, although someone who wants to take a very conservative approach might do that. Making sure your breeding dogs hear and getting away from beltons is really where it’s at though. Fortunately there aren’t that many people who insist on beltons any more, and patched puppies are generally easier to sell anyway.

    Dr. Strain at LSU is the go-to person for the most current info.
    Lots of information on his site, and you might particularly want to read this article for the latest on the search for the genes.
    It’s the white spotting genes/cochleo-saccular deafness that’s relevant in ES. Most of the research on it is in Dalmatians, but everything you read about them can be transferred to ES. You may notice that there is no mention of patching specific to ES in Dr. Strain’s papers. This is because he couldn’t get the show people to agree on the definition of a patch, so gave up on trying to collect that data. Information about patching WAS collected right when the ESAA started their database, and there was a strong negative correlation to deafness until they stopped asking for it.

    I’m glad to hear that you plan to test! Since there are 5 times as many unis as bilaterals and nobody can
    identify all of them without testing, if you don’t test you don’t know. Everyone who breeds ES in any real numbers is producing deafness, it’s in all lines (because of the pigment genes), and most breeders just don’t know because they don’t test. Or don’t acknowledge it.

    You’re really lucky to have a testing center close by. It’s a seven hour drive (one way!) to the closest tester for us.


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