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    That is one of the hardest things of all is finding good help, when it comes to training, there are so many good trainers that are willing to share there knowledge, I have been to a lot of seminars and talked to a lot of great trainers, but when it comes to breeding it seems like the information is a crap shoot, and then you don’t know what you just heard is sound advice or a sales pitch. I’m looking to do my best to raise great pups, but finding consistent answers is very tough. You have breeders that do tight line breeding because they say the litters are more predictable, I would be worried about genetic depression doing this. You have others saying never use a popular stud, someone like shadow oak Bo,
    because you don’t know what resessive genes are hiding. Others say outcross, outcross, outcross. Which I am thinking you shouldn’t have to do unless as a whole you see the line not where it is supposed to be and you need to help bring the line back to where you want it, then you don’t know what you get until you take the outcross pups and bring them back into your line. I certainly know why some breeders hold a whole litter back and evaluate them to truly see what they are getting. And the whole time your trying figure this all out, you have to worry about what new health issues you might of created, what is hiding in those resesive genes and is it going to come out. They say Mr. Llewellins kennel had 5000 dogs, I could not imagine such a massive undertaking, and not be able to health check the dogs like we can do today. Does anyone know the size of Mr. Rymans kennels when he was running it? Well so much for my ramblings tonight, thank you to everyone for all your help.

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