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October Setters


    Welcome to the wonderful world of dog breeding!  We’re between puppies
    so I don’t have much time to write but I wanted to throw a few thoughts
    at you.

    Lots of breeders don’t really understand genetics so in general they’re
    a bad source of information.  Even some long time breeders fall into
    this category.  You’re getting confused because you don’t have a firm
    grasp of basic genetic principles.  Don’t bite off more than you can
    chew.  Start with the basics.  Pick up a copy of Willis and study it
    until you understand the concepts you’re struggling with.  Spend a month
    or more if you have to.  Gain a solid understanding of the basic
    principles and build on that knowledge as necessary.  Once you have that
    foundation in place it’ll be easier to recognize when someone doesn’t
    know what they’re talking about so you can ignore them.  Even if they do
    know what they’re talking about you aren’t going to understand what
    they’re saying until you have a good grasp of these principles yourself.

    All of us started out where you are now, confused and lacking the basic
    knowledge necessary to understand what you hear and read. Unfortunately
    most of us were already breeding dogs before we took the steps you are
    taking now and had to learn on the fly so to speak.  You are taking the
    right approach by trying to learn these things before you get started
    which will help you avoid some of the pitfalls without having to stumble
    into them first.


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