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    I understand you are upset and can see why you are trying to understand how all the Rymans you are acquainted with have health issues.  However I think you are barking up the wrong tree when you suggest the possibility that Rymans and/or ES in general have a higher incidence of health problems than other breeds.  I will also reiterate that allergies are fairly common in ES so I think the breeders you spoke to were naive at best. 

    I want to point out that I didn’t get the impression you were bashing the breeder.  If you have four dogs from the same breeder and all have significant health issues that isn’t your fault and stating the facts isn’t necessarily bashing or attacking said breeder.  I think it’s important to share this type of info so dogs afflicted with these problems can be eliminated from further breeding consideration.  Ignoring the problems and breeding these individuals anyway will only result in spreading the problems through the rest of the gene pool.  For that I thank you for bringing this up here.

    The fact that other breeders who started with the same lines are not seeing as many health issues suggests that Ryman lines aren’t the problem.  While bad breeding choices can and do lead to a higher incidence of various problems within lines there is another possibility that should be taken into consideration – the care received by the dogs and their living conditions.  Poor nutrition, illness, chemical exposure, etc. can cause increased susceptibility to health problems like those you describe, both in the affected dogs and in their offspring.  These conditions can trigger epigenetic switches that change the way genes work and create very different results between individuals carrying the same genes.  This could explain why some breeders have better success using the same lines.  Even more scary, those effects can be passed on for many generations.  Nova produced a great documentary on epigenetics called Ghost in Your Genes.  It comes and goes on Youtube but you can watch it now at:
    This show is old and a bit outdated but it gives a basic overview of epigenetic inheritance.  Very sobering…


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