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    You’re welcome Robert and I sympathize with your current situation.  It’s always tough to see them suffer.

    If you’re trying to do your homework you’d be wise to run fast and far away from Carol Beauchat’s web site.  I haven’t read all of her articles but she owns and has written all the articles for the Institute of Canine Biology.  What’s worse is she doesn’t understand basic genetic principles and, if I recall correctly, she’s a proponent of the “inbreeding is the cause of all health problems, so therefore outcrossing will cure them” philosophy that is currently popular and which makes absolutely no sense.  For an in depth analysis of one article from Dr. Beauchat’s site see this post:

    She misrepresents/misinterprets Heritability Estimates, a basic principle she would understand if she had expertise in genetic inheritance (a quick Google search turned up a definition from Indiana University which specifically states that Dr. Beauchat’s interpretation is wrong – this is basic polygenic inheritance and she doesn’t understand it, which leads her to the same erroneous conclusions made by many novice breeders), reinterprets and misrepresents data from a published study to support her erroneous belief that hip dysplasia is caused by environmental factors (and therefore can be prevented by controlling environment), doesn’t even understand the difference between abnormal hip joint conformation (HD) and the resulting arthritic changes (symptom of HD).  Her web site also offers classes so you too can learn how to
    misinterpret basic scientific principles and make stupid breeding
    choices.  I don’t know who told you about this site but I’d recommend that you refer them to this and the above linked post to make them aware that The Institute of Canine Biology is a terrible place to learn about genetic inheritance or proper breeding practices. 

    Following the advice given by Dr. Beauchat will only lead to well meaning breeders producing more pups that will suffer from preventable conditions. 

    If you’re serious about learning how to breed healthy dogs I recommend you pick up a copy of this book:


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