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Re: Take the dew claws off, or not?

The Ryman Setters Forum Forums Health Take the dew claws off, or not? Re: Take the dew claws off, or not?


    Hi Lynn,
    I don’t think my pointers dewclaw was any different than any other breed I have seen them on. My setter does not have them. I thought it was interesting that canada does not allow for the removal of dewclaws, I imagine they have thousands of dogs hunting up there with not to much trouble. Working at a boarding kennel, I get to see all sorts of things, I have seen dogs with dewclaws so long they were all curled up, you try to trim them back, but the quick grows out so far that you can’t get them short enough. Like I have said, if I had another dog with dewclaws, I would keep it short, and I would still put a wrap around it for hunting. Nail care is so important to the health of all dogs, keep them trimmed and everything should be good. At the kennel we bath and trim the nails on all dogs before they go home, you would be suprised at the number of people who don’t trim there dogs nails, and there would be the problem if they had dewclaws and hunted.

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