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Re: Take the dew claws off, or not?

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We are in the camp that leaves the dew claws there. Folks may recall we had a litter born Sept 1 which was announced here when got up and running. Before that litter was born, we consulted with our veterinarian, anticipating making a decision in this regard. Years ago, I sold a pup to someone who anticipated the dew claws would be removed and never heard the end of it when he found his new pup still sporting them at 7 1/2 weeks. We did not want to go through that again, either they were coming off, or we would be prepared with to say without apology why the dew claws are still there. So… we did not ask her if we should have the dew claws removed. We asked if she saw issues with injuries related to dew claws in her practice. Her answer, as you may now predict, was “no”.

QWe made an explicit decision not to remove dew claws. After 28 years in the woods with dogs with intact dew claws, we have never seen an injury. We don’t see them on our friends’ bird dogs, that have dew claws, and hunt hard in wicked nasty cover right along side ours. Removing the dew claws appears to be a cultural belief that something bad will happen if they are not removed. Does a dew claw injury prove they should have been removed? Okay, the point in this regard is presented in an extreme way for rhetorical purposes, but how many of us had a dog with a sliced pad, a torn ear, or really commonly, a bloody tail tip? We don’t remove anything to address those injuries.  If anything, maybe we should rest and rotate our dogs more often. 

I don’t mean to make this a rant, its just seems an issue worth a strong response. Please, if someone else has experience or argument to the contrary, share constructively and we will listen, but for now, you all know where we stand.

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