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Re: Take the dew claws off, or not?

The Ryman Setters Forum Forums Health Take the dew claws off, or not? Re: Take the dew claws off, or not?

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    Watched a portion of the video and it is interesting how the dogs used their dewclaws to pull themselves up on the ice while those without them floundered and couldn’t get out of the water.  I am finding it very difficult to justify removing the dewclaws just to avoid the small possibility of a future injury.  In addition, twice I have had dogs whose dewclaws were removed in the first few days who had to have additional surgery as the removal was incomplete or some part grew back.  So removing them to avoid a possible future surgery actually caused two surgeries to be performed.  Our dogs have not had any injuries to an intact dewclaw either.  We haven’t used dog boots so that is not an issue for us.  Is there a way to modify the boots to avoid rubbing on the dewclaw so one of the major reasons people want them removed is not an issue?  

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