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    I have been out to Jasons kennel, that is quite the operation they have out there, very impressive. I think when a person trains a dog for his own personal use, they train it to fit there hunting style. I do things with my dogs that would make other people cringe, but it is how I like my dogs to hunt. I do believe that a good bird dog is born knowing how to hunt, if you have to train a dog to hunt, you better get a new one. I do have a system I have developed for myself that has worked good for me.
    I off course start with crate training, along with that I start with the come command, the most important command you can ever teach a dog as far as I’m concerned.
    After the first week of the puppy being home and getting adjusted, the intro to loud noises begins, I usually start with just clapping hands and progress from there.
    At 12 weeks old we get enrolled in puppy kindergarten, which I think is one of the greatest things to do in socializing a young pup, plus they are learning they have to be good citizens in and out of the home. My pointer was the terror in this class and was always being brought up by the teacher to show others how to handle a misbehaving puppy:)
    Puppy kindergarten lasts 6 weeks, so during this time they are not only getting there basic obedience training but I have been also working on intro to birds and gun.
    At 16 weeks I start intro to collar, a lot of people don’t like the collar, but today’s collars are so great, I wouldn’t be without one. I look for collars that have at least these 3 functions, they must have tone, pager, and stimulation, with my Ryman I never have to use the stimulation. Proper intro to collar takes a lot of time and should never be rushed. The first 2 weeks we don’t even use the collar, we just put it on every time we go outside to have fun, one of the greatest things I like is the tone feature, every time I call the pup I use the tone, pretty soon all I have to do is hit the tone button and he is coming, I never have to say a word. My dogs get so excited when they see the collar, they know it’s time to go out and have some fun.
    Depending on when I get the pup I like to get him in the woods as soon as possible, I also hope for warm weather because I like to do an intro to water when they are young.
    I enjoy working with dogs a lot, that is why I am at the kennel part-time, you learn a lot watching all the different breeds, I plan with the next pup to go and take one of the handling clinics Jon Hann puts on, because I realise you reap what you sew, and if I’m a better handler, I will have better dogs.

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