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Are there ever started dogs/older pups available

The Ryman Setters Forum Forums Ryman-Type Setters Are there ever started dogs/older pups available

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      John Wagner


        It seems like most Ryman-type setters are products of smaller, family type breeders that live close with their dogs. Litters are planned conservatively, and pups are in demand. I am wondering if there are ever any opportunities for older pups or “started dogs” within the breed?



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        Hi John

        You are correct that many Breeder Members of RS keep only a small number of dogs with litters only once a year or so.  Mostly that is because it can be difficult to honestly hunt enough to evaluate more than a few dogs, let alone live with them: there are a couple of Members who do keep larger kennels but are very dedicated and spend enough time hunting to do so and do a really good job.  That said, occasionally those Members do have an older pup or started dog available.  I think that posting here is a good start if that is what you are searching for.  Good luck.

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        October Setters

          Older dogs are not common, but not totally out of the question either. For instance every once in a while we hold back more than one puppy from a litter to evaluate as breeding dogs and after we make our choice let the other one(s) go. Or sometimes one of us will have a leftover puppy for one reason or another which will end up as a started dog. If you are willing to wait a while you can eventually find one, especially if you’re not super picky about color or specific looks.


      Viewing 2 reply threads
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