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Beware of Fake Breeders

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      October Setters

        Want to give people a heads up about scammer websites purporting to be breeders, including some that supposedly have Ryman-types. Apparently there was one taken down recently on Facebook, and I ran into another called These people lift text from other websites (in this case GoodGoIng for one), and then post some photos of cute puppies supposedly for sale. There are a number of red flags- no location given, no people’s names, a breeder that nobody has ever heard of but with glowing recommendations and reviews, odd phrasing that sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense or doesn’t match the rest of the site, sometimes mention of payments through Zelle (which can never be recovered).

        The Grace site is also shabbily done, I assume in part because they don’t speak English. They apparently use a website template and forget to take out some dummy text and links or references to some of their other scam sites, including exotic cats and this one which has apparently been taken down but is listed at The info for their sites shows the contact is from either Reykjavik or a Phoenix mailing address that’s associated with other types of scams. I have reported Grace to namecheap, the company that hosts the website, and is on to them, so that site may not stay up for too long. They will just keep at under a different name though, so if you are a puppy shopper be careful.


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