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Hello Folks!

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        My name is Ray Mule’ from Billings, Montana, where I hunt mostly mountain grouse (ruffed and blues) and chukar.  I spent many years in NE Montana where I hunted prairie grouse (sage and sharptails), Huns, and pheasants.  But now I am more interested in the mountain grouse and chukar.  I’ve owned German Wirehairs, English Pointers, and now have two Llewellin Setters.  For a while now, I have become interested in Ryman-type Setters because of my relatively new found interest in mountain grouse hunting.  I have a buddy with a female form Cliff and Lisa’s October Setters, and another buddy who has a deposit down on a pup from them.  I’ve also read Lisa and Walt Lesser’s book on Ryman-type setters.  I am very impressed with my buddy’s October Setter female.

        I am here to read and learn about these dogs and find a great breeder.  I will be replacing my older dog, who is 13, in the not too distant future.  I’ve been satisfied with the hunting abilities of the Llewellin setters, and I am looking for a dog with similar hunting style but a bit more classic setter in the looks department.  I would hope to eventually obtain a female from one of you fine folks.  I think this type of forum is a great way to maintain and improve upon this wonderful line of dogs.
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        Welcome! From Billings, you do not have to look much farther than Cliff and Lisa’s program to find a great pup, but there are also other great choices, with some nuances between each litter and breeding program. 

        JC Smith 

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        Welcome Ray.  You sure do live in a beautiful state.  We spend several weeks in MT each fall chasing prairie birds but when the temps warm up we head up into the mountains for cooler temps and mtn grouse.  Not sure which I enjoy more!

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