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Hello from Minnesota

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        My name is Robert Pelkey, thank you for letting me into this great forum, I love the website. My passions, are of course bird dogs, grouse hunting, bow hunting, and fishing. I have been in the process of getting a small kennel started, my hardest decision was deciding on a breed. I have had springers, pointers, and now a setter. By far my pointer was the best bird dog, easy to train, quick to learn, and smart. My toughest challenge has been my Ryman. He has very little prey drive, suffers from allergies, and I basically got no support from the breeder. I do have to say he is the most loving and faithful dog I have ever seen. That is why I decided I want to raise ryman type setters. I have a vision, like I’m sure many of you do, and I hope to do Mr. Ryman proud by the dogs I breed. I have done a lot of thinking and studying on the breed and hope to have my kennel built in the spring. I look forward to many conversations with all of you, I’m sure I will have plenty of questions for all of you.
        Thanks once again

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        Welcome Robert.  It’s interesting that you have chosen Rymans despite a not very positive first experience.  There are breeders producing rymans that will knock your socks off like your pointer did and most of those breeders will be found here on this site.  If I remember correctly, you are on the list for a litter this winter?  Good luck, keep us informed!

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