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Hello fron Downeast Maine

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        Hi Everyone, first let me say thank you for allowing me to join this great forum. I’m Cindy Avery, my husband, Brian and I hunt partridge and woodcock in downeast Maine. We have three dogs, Chloe, 11 y/o yellow lab, Maggie 9 y/o Irish setter and our Ryman lad Silas. He is 2 y/o. 

        All three love to hunt! Chloe was our first birddog, she would barrel through the woods like a freight train, if there were birds out there miss Chloe would find them. she was 4 when we rescued Maggie at 19 months old. Maggie introduced us to the world of pointing dogs. Maggie had the drive, she just didn’t know what to do with it. It was a learning experience for all of us, with time and patience she has turned into an excellent birddog. Fast forward 7 years later as Mag and Chloe started to show their age, we decided to get a puppy! This is when Firelight Silas joined our family! Now with this guy, we were just blown away by his natural hunting ability, he just “knows” what to do! He turned 2 this past June, I shot my first woodcock over him last October and he retrieved it to my hand! He is steady on point, we couldn’t be happier with him. We are really excited for October!!

        Silas is such a good dog at home and in the woods. He is available for stud. It will be nice to see what he an another fine Ryman type female would produce.

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        October Setters

          Glad to have you here Cindy. Looking forward to hearing more about Silas!

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