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Hi, I’m Dennis LaBare

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        Greetings to all enthusiasts!  What a great day that there is now this important association of Ryman-type breeders with the mission of advancing and improving the breed going forward.  I am just a (hopefully) a reasonably informed end-user of these lovely dogs.  Presently, I have three working setters.  Two of note from Preston Miller’s now Snowy Creek Kennels (formerly Ruffwood and formerly Crooked Stump we have dogs from the first two versions of his operation).  My “brag dog”, Ruffwood Captain Magic, can be seen on p. 108-109 of “A Passion for Grouse”, the book I assembled with Wild River Press, released in 2013.  He carries the patch on the right side of his face that came down from Corey Ford’s Cider and October.  Another dog of similar breeding, our Ruffwood Sargent Shadow, (named for “Shad” in The Road to Tinkhamtown) carries a more vestigal version of the patch.  “The Patch” appeared in an issue of The Pointing Dog Journal, the story of Magic and his patch. Yes, we’re smitten and we hunt furiouisly for six weeks in Wisconsin each Fall and afterward,  through the Winter in WV and TN.  What a life!!!

        Anyway, greetings and salutations to all breeders, fanciers, hunters, lovers – of the greatest companion dogs God has given us.  Long may they live!
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          Dennis, imagine seeing you hear. I hope you had a great Wisconsin trip.


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