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Looking To Learn About Ryman Setters and A Puppy

The Ryman Setters Forum Forums Please Introduce Yourself Looking To Learn About Ryman Setters and A Puppy

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        My name is Matthew Williams. I am from Southeastern Ohio. I have been a houndsman for most of my life. Started out hunting and training Mountain Curs on squirrel and Raccoons. I have since switched to hunting Treeing Walkers for pleasure and competition. My hounds are calm and well trained around the house. They will lead and follow commands with simple voice commands or hand gestures. I pride myself into having well trained hunting dogs. They are big hunting, competitive, fast paced, accurate, hard hunting dogs, that are well trained buddies at the house.

        I have always wanted a English Setter to bird hunt with. But with game birds being very thin my area, I never pursued it. But now a friend of mine is working with Pheasants Forever and has donated most of his land to them. He is a retired biologist that studied various game birds throughout his career. The state is also actively working to bring the game bird population back up in this area. There is also some surrounding game preserves and a few conservation clubs that you can become a member of and hunt on their property.

        I am looking for a companion to live with me and my wife in the house, and a buddy to take hunting.  I am looking for something calm and quiet in and around the house. But a good hunting dog from a great blood line that is easily trained to hunt and point different game birds…. After alot of research, I came across the Ryman line of Setters. The Ryman line appears to be everything I am looking for. And after talking to a couple of breeders off of this site, It seems this line is it. I am thankful for them to take the time to talk to me about the different attributes and qualities that, as a whole, this group strives to breed into their dogs, makes me excited to owning one of these beautiful Setters.


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        Hi Matt.  Welcome to the setter world.  I’m checking in to see if you have had any luck in finding a breeder and litter?

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        Hello and my welcome too Matt. This year may be a tough one to find a pup that is not already spoken for with a deposit. Worth staying connected with folks here, but don’t be too discouraged if it looks like you need to place a deposit on a pup from a litter that may come along after somewhere around New Years.  

    Viewing 2 reply threads
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