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Meet Roger!

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      Katie O’Donnell

        Well, after thinking that I would be waiting until at least late spring/early summer for a Ryman pup (and trying to tell myself I could wait that long), I lucked out and was able to get a male pup from JC Smith’s Sugar Creek litter at the last minute.  Introducing “Sugar Creek Roger Angell”!  A full week in, I feel incredibly lucky — Roger is a brave, confident, and agreeable puppy.

        Today I brought him down to visit my friend Ken and his handsome Ryman, Parker.  Roger settled right in and got to play around with pointing a wing — I’ve never seen a puppy key in like that based only on instinct — what an amazing thing to  witness!

        He’s all soft sweetness right now, but I can already tell that I’m going to have a boisterous bird dog on my hands.  I’m pretty excited for the adventure!


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        Rum Creek Setters

          Congratulations Katie, nice looking pup.  I am sure you will be hooked on Ryman Setters from here on.  Looks like he has some nice books to read to learn the ropes.

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            Katie O’Donnell

              Thanks, Mark!  He’s not much of a reader; but lucky for him, I am!

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            Congratulations Katie!  He’s a cutie.  So much fun ahead for you both, I’m very glad it worked out.

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              Katie O’Donnell

                Lynn Dee, it never would have happened without all of your help!  Thank you thank you thank you!

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              Terry Hirschi

                Congradulations Katie…..I too am looking for a male pup; lost my 10yr old,

                86lb tricolor male this past may. Fortunately, we have Zoey, our 5yr old female. Need pup in it’s prime in 5 yrs.

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                  Katie O’Donnell

                    Hi Terry,

                    So sorry about your boy.  However long they live, it’s never long enough.

                    Looks like there are several lovely litters coming along, though — I think you’re in luck!


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                  Katie, glad you and Roger are having fun. Gail and I really enjoy your photos. You seem to have a gift for composition…. and getting a puppy to cooperate! Looking forward to more fun news of Roger’s development.

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                  Congratulations Katie! Nice looking pup and you guys seem to be on your way!

                  – Chuck

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                  Walt Lesser

                    GREAT photos, Katie, and what a beautiful Pup you have!  Congratulations; you are embarking on an exciting journey with a Ryman setter puppy.  These setters have provided me with many years of joy and fulfillment as well as great companionship.  I just know you will enjoy the ride.

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                      Katie O’Donnell

                        Thanks, Walt!  I just finished putting together his extended pedigree, it is fun seeing the names of some of your dogs in his background — I’ve been going back through the book, ogling pictures and trying to imagine which dogs I think (and/or hope) he might end up looking and acting like!

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                      Jason Richards

                        Congratulations on your new puppy, so much fun awaits.

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                          Katie O’Donnell

                            Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!  For now, this icy weather has been keeping us inside just dreaming about future adventures…

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                            Although I only got to spend a half hour with this puppy, I was very impressed.  Precocious, confident, curious, happy and, of course, cute.  All the things I would want in an 8 week old dog.  Kate’s going to have her hands full but I think she got a “a good one”.

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