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Memories of the past season

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        With a wind chill below 0 outside I thought I’d share some of this past seasons memories. With my local grouse population nearing extinction I’ve turned to woodcock to satisfy my craving to shoot a flying bird over the point of a lovely setter. A few of you have seen these pics on other internet forums , but hopefully some of you haven’t and will enjoy seeing my memories.

        Nine year old Pinecoble Emma, at the top of her game and a joy to hunt with.

        For some reason I couldn’t place the pics below my text hence the reason that the pics are first.


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          Very nice pictures Rick. Emma is such a pretty girl. How is Miss Thicket doing?
          We know what your talking about with the declining grouse population. Our local patridge are few and far between. The woodcock are what we enjoy every season. Although this year with the drought even our woodcock population took a hit. Hopefully next season numbers will be better.

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            Hi Cindy.  Thicket hasn’t decided yet if those “stinky” woodcock are worth pointing.  She’s pointed some, but others she’s ignored.  I’m just being patient with her and waiting for the instincts of all the wonderful dogs in her background to “kick-in”.

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            Beautiful photos Rick.  Those memories should help to carry you through the upcoming winter.

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