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New puppy and member

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      Jason Richards

        Hi fellow members,

        I am from Nova Scotia, Canada.

        Since I was young I have always wanted a Ryman Setter, having hunted over them with my grand father on his farm in Vermont.  I can now say my family has a new member thanks to Lynn Dee of Firelight.

        Just over 2 weeks ago we packed up the kids and headed out on a family vacation to pickup our new puppy Skye.  Now home I am very pleased to say how happy we are with our new addition, Skye just wants to please, play and explore.  I can’t wait until the fall when I can take everyone to the camp and let Skye show the kids why I have such great memories and they can make some of their own. 

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          Hi Jason,

          I’m the owner of 7 year old Parker, another of Lynn Dee’s great dogs.  The best bird hunting I’ve ever had was at a friend’s camp outside of Yarmouth, NS about 20  years ago.  Tons of woodcock, grouse and even pheasant.  If it’s still anything like that you’re going to have a wonderful time with your new puppy.  Congratulations.  –  Ken R




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          October Setters

            Great to have both of you here. Congrats on the new pup Jason!


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            Great news Jason, and my welcome to you as well to this forum. I like patch eyed dogs, they have a ton of character. Please come back here to the forum again soon. I wish there was a resource like this when I got started with bird dogs.

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            Hello Jason, welcome!  Cool pic, is that a shed?  It’s bigger than she is!  Hope all is going well.

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            Jason Richards

              Thank you all for your kind words, this looks like a great place for information and community.  I live near Halifax about 3 hours from Yarmouth, unfortunately I have never made it to that area to hunt but now I may have to make a point of a trip.  I do most of my hunting the opposite end of the Province in Guysborough County, we have lots of great grouse areas around our camp.  That is a moose shed in the picture with Skye, I found the set in Cape Breton a few years ago, now that Skye has found them in the garden she heads right to them for a little chew.

          Viewing 5 reply threads
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