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      A few pictures…some I’ve already posted and some are quite a few years old!

      Hello, my name is Derek Smith and I currently reside in the Appalachian Mountains of WV.  I was born and raised in VA and was able to transfer up to WV with my job in 2010.  I am a die hard grouse hunter and got started at the early age of 8.  My dad introduced me to grouse hunting and I can still remember that first trip out at 8 years old as I followed him and our good friend through the coverts with his brittany.  I didn’t even carry a gun but from the very first point and flush I was hooked!   My addiction for grouse hunting, raising, training and hunting with these beautiful setters grows more and more each passing year.  I gave up deer hunting many years ago and only grouse hunt in the Winter and spend every day the Lord allows in the coverts with our setters.   In 1997 I was able to hunt behind a Ryman type setter and from then on I knew that was the dog for me and I’ve never looked back!   In 2012 my wife and I with our two little boys got the opportunity to move to Daniels WV.  We purchased a home not more than 5 miles from my very dear and close friend Dr. Roger Ward and didn’t even know we were only 5 miles apart until after we had moved in.  Roger bought a puppy from me back in 2008 and we stayed in touch from then on but wasn’t able to get together much due to the distance and family.  Since moving to Daniels we have become very close friends, he is my personal vet, close friend/Christian brother, hunting buddy and co-partner with Pine Mountain Setters.  We spend many days in the coverts up north and in WV during grouse season.  Roger has brought a lot to the table for Pine Mountain Setters with his great knowledge in the health of dogs he is on top of checking all the dogs breed or brought into Pine Mountain Setters.  Roger and myself are very excited to get to know others who also loves these beautiful setter!  God Bless

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