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      Katie O’Donnell

        Hi all,

        I originally posted here to say that I was interested in learning more about Rymans and meeting some, and what a great response I got!  Through this forum, I was able to meet Ken and his Ryman, Parker, and go out hunting with them a couple of days this season.  Needless to say, I’m hooked!

        Thought I would post a few photos.  Here are some from the beginning of the season — Parker had quite a few good woodcock points in heavy brush that day.

        Ken & Parker


        Parker on pointParker on point 2

        Today was the last day of the season, and we didn’t have any luck finding birds…but man, is Parker a happy looking guy or what?!

        Parker headParker waterTrot

        So happy to have met Ken and Parker, and feeling thankful that they let me tag along!  These Ryman setters are very cool dogs…looking forward to the day when I have one to call my own!


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        Rum Creek Setters

          Nice pictures Katie!  Watching these dogs work in the field is a thrill that makes you appreciate their skills and abilities.  Having them around is special as well with their great dispositions.  You will be even more appreciative when you have one of your own to train and hunt.

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          Katie, I’m glad that you have been able to meet some rymans.  Ken is terrific and as I think you know, for the past two years he also shared his hunts over Parker with a friend who found himself dogless.   Thanks for sharing the photos!

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