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Worst “magazine” cover ever?

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      October Setters

        OK, this doesn’t really have anything to do with hunting, except maybe
        it relates to the opinion of most of us around here that shooting
        pen-raised birds isn’t hunting. It doesn’t really fit in to any other
        category either, so here it is.

        For some reason we occasionally get a copy of Bird Dog and Retriever
        News in the mail. The last one that showed up has quite the cover shot.
        Inside it says “Page one is a killer cover of an English Setter watching
        a bird get up.” Take a look.

        It’s getting up pretty good for a headless Bobwhite with a broken wing in the middle of a stubble field. And it’s aimed down.

        Claims to be the largest read “hunting/dog magazine” in the world. We need an emoticon for ROFLMAO!


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        It is odd.  The perspective might be off visually because it is a photo but the birds proximity and direction is puzzling.  I wonder if the next photo frame showed the pouncing dog catching the bird.   

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        October Setters

          It’s definitely a dead bird. You can tell from the position of the primaries that the left wing is broken, and the neck has been photo-shopped. Not sure if they erased a dangling head or if maybe they covered up where it use to be. They must figure people won’t look close and will think the tail is the head. I can see those jaws chomping šŸ™‚

      Viewing 2 reply threads
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