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    Jason Richards

    With season #2 well underway I thought it time to share some updates of our Skye and her season to date.  With about a month to go until most of our bird seasons close here we are getting Skye out every chance we have.  I’m having so much fun with her, my kids and friends, learning and enjoying each time we are out.


    Skye is about 18 months now and is a wonderful companion, happy at home, camping, traveling with us everywhere and especially in the woods.  She’s put so many smiles on our faces at such a young age it’s amazing, surprising even seasoned hunters at her natural ability.


    Skye plays the wind to her advantage with no instruction, listens well, stays in range, checks back and gets serious about her task the instant she knows what she’s found.  She points solid and holds extremely well.  We lost sight of her this weekend, bell was silent, she was within 30yds of us but we couldn’t see her in the tall hay.  She held so well, as I moved into check the scene, up flushes a hen pheasant.  I was so proud as it was only her second contact with a pheasant, my friend was smiling from ear to ear.


    She performs really well on woodcock, grouse and now pheasant.  I’ve been lucky to have good numbers of birds around this season for her to learn and unlock her instincts, she’s like a statue on point.


    Off to my camp this weekend with Skye for grouse, I wish this season would never end.

    Best of luck to all dogs and their companions in the remainder of your seasons.

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    Thanks for the update on your youngster.  Always love to hear that the dogs are doing their jobs both in the home and in the field.  It sounds like you have given her plenty of opportunities on wild birds and it is paying off with a very well started gal for just 18 months.  The smile on your son’s face says to me that you have a bird hunting buddy for life, you’re a lucky man.  I’m curious, do you use the vest so that you can see her better in the patchy snow?

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    Jason Richards

    The vest was a recommendation from a friend, he uses one on his setter in certain covers as chest protection.  We have alot of foresty opperations in our province, the machine processor equipment leaves alot of small chest/neck high standing cut brush.  This left over cut wood remains in with the new growth.  So as a precaution from punctures and cuts I picked one up for Skye and she wears it in unfamiliar locations.  So far it has performed well, not to hot, visibility has also been nice in the snow as you mentioned.

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